Meet the Host

Ian Fraser SRD

Ian returned to community radio in 2006 because he thought his wife would be pleased to get him out of the house now he had stopped playing rugby.
In producing and presenting the weekly (award nominated) SRD Rock Radio Show Ian created a new outlet for both classics of yesteryear (forgotten and well known) together with a showcase for new unsigned artists seeking radio airplay.

Joining TMCR FM in late 2019, the current offering features an eclectic mix of the music that he likes; a regular feature ‘Poetry for 21st Century’; news that doesn’t get into your newspaper; and occasional updates on live gigs or record releases that he recommends…

At different times Ian has presented outside broadcasts, been an English voice in America, and suffered seasickness on boats.
Some say that he was born in a cave in Eastern Europe and raised by wolves.
Other rumours suggest that he is never seen in direct sunlight because his body casts no shadow, he keeps bats as pets, and only comes awake at night.
All we know for certain is that he is a technical, strategic and financial “whizz” who never pays expenses of more than £1.99 without a receipt!
Despite his plethora of major personality disorders, Ian is happily married with three dogs, a daughter, three sheds, a motorbike, and six and a half cars.
If you dare, you can contact Ian directly via email

Most of all, He ROCKS on TMCR’s original international Rock and Blues show, every Tuesday evening between 10 pm and Midnight!