Meet the Host

Simone Wilson

Hi, I’m Simone Wilson, the new ‘kid’ on the block. I’ve played records for others to enjoy for as long as I can remember. I started at the age of eight playing my sister’s records for her on her Dancette record player. In the late 70s I had my own mobile roadshow playing to pubs, clubs and parties. This was at the height of the disco era with the new 12” singles allowing DJs to mix tracks in a very basic way compared to the modern club DJ. I still do the odd party from time to time.
I took to twiddling the knobs and buttons at a radio station like a duck to water, and with the help of other presenters guiding me, I now present the Friday afternoon show. Musically I love things from Classical to current day, Blues, Country, Jazzfunk to name but a few, so on the show you’ll never know just what I will play for you, but it will be great music.
However you listen to TMCR 95.3 on FM, or on your smart speaker, I look forward to keeping you company and getting you in the mood for the weekend ahead.
You can catch me every Tuesday morning 8am-11am and Friday afternoons 2pm-5pm